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Appendix C - Enclosure and PCB Drawings [U6 Datasheet]

See below drawings of the U6. 

The square holes on the back of the enclosure are for DIN rail mounting adapters (TE Connectivity part #TKAD).

CAD drawings of the U6 enclosure are attached to the bottom of this page.  The free online Autodesk Viewer can be used to view these and make measurements among other things.




U6 OEM PCB Dimensions



More Details

See the OEM page for details on connector pin-headers, holes, power supply information, part options, and more.


Common neutral format CAD models are provided below. Right-click and select the "Save link as..." option to download STEP files.


Looking for I/O screw terminal table for U6 device...

Found it for UE9...but we're going to use the U6......


I am not sure what you are asking about.  Perhaps point us to the UE9 information you found that is what you need for the U6.

in second drawing...the screw terminals identities are labeled...

need same for U6

OK.  I don't know if the silk-screen is shown in the CAD drawings, but you can see them in a picture of the enclosure lid.  They are the same as the UE9 except for the top group which is 200UA/10UA/SGND/SPC.

Can you add the enclosure drawings in pdf please.


If you go to Appendix C of the UE9 User's Guide there are some visible drawings of the UE9 enclosure, which is the same except for the Ethernet and power openings.  Does this drawing show the dimensions you need, or do you want something further?

Can you add the position of the JTAG1 header to the drawing?  Also, the .dxf file seems to be for the U3, not the U6.

The JTAG1 header is used only for programming the device for the first time.  Are you interested in the header because of clearance issues? It is 0.35in high.  The .dxf file has been corrected.

I used the JTAG1 header for mechanical support (no electrical connections).  I guessed at the position (didn't have a board yet), but was off by a row.  I'm trying to help someone else avoid the same mistake.

At the time of this comment, the .dxf file for the U6 does not include the JTAG header. Find the (x, y) coordinates for pin 1(the square shaped via) below:

(5.100in, 0.500in)  or (129.54mm, 12.70mm)

The header is a 0.1" spacing, 2-row 10 position header. We should hopefully be able to include this information in the .dxf file sometime soon.

A metric version would be appreciated for all us unAmericans!

The images on this page only show imperial units, but we will look into generating pictures using both.  As a workaround, if you download one of the electronic files (.dxf, .step etc), you should be able to swap to metric in software.

Thanks, it would be appreciated. I spent a happy couple of hours yesterday with a ruler trying to picture if your 7" unit would fit into my 220mm box, allowing for cabling. In the process I discovered that the mountings for the OEM bd don't line up with the CB37 to allow a 'brick' assembly, which I think is a pity.

The CB37 is really designed for the normal U6.  With the OEM version we expect most people to bring in connections from elsewhere using a cable that connects to a pin header or DB connector.  There is nothing to the CB37, though, so making a custom version that fits an exact application would be very simple.  At that point you can even consider adding custom signal conditioning to your terminal board if wanted.