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Software & Driver - WaitShort: IOType=5 [U3 Datasheet]


WaitShort, 2 Command Bytes: 
0 IOType = 5
1 Time (*128 us)
0 Response Bytes: 

This IOType provides a way to add a delay during execution of the Feedback function. The typical use would be putting this IOType in between IOTypes that set a digital output line high and low, thus providing a simple way to create a pulse. Note that this IOType uses the same internal timer as stream mode, so cannot be used while streaming.

  • Time: This value (0-255) is multiplied by 128 microseconds to determine the delay (U3C = 128 us, U3B = 64 us, U3A = 128 us).

Support - U3 Python Wait Short Example

LabJackPython example session

Automatically extracted from u3.py. Debugging turned on to show the bytes sent and received.