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Software & Driver - Timer#Config: IOType=43,45 [U3 Datasheet]

Table TimerConfig Command Response

Timer#Config, 4 Command Bytes: 
0 IOType = 43, 45
1 TimerMode
2 Value LSB
3 Value MSB
0 Response Bytes: 


This IOType configures a particular timer.

  • TimerMode: See Section 2.9 for more information about the available modes.
  • Value: The meaning of this parameter varies with the timer mode.

U3 - timerconfig code examples

LabJackPython example session

Automatically extracted from u3.py. Debugging turned on to show the bytes sent and received.


I'm noticing that the "Value=" parameter in the Timer0Config or Timer1Config calls is not documented for timer mode 4, which I'm trying to use for measuring pulse width (time between rising edge and falling edge) of a single pulse on FIO5. 

One other thing I noticed is that calling configIO (and probably configU3 too) can only be done once.  If I call configIO several times in a row with successive settings for different pins, the previous settings revert to defaults - this is not documented clearly, but it seems that only one configIO call with ALL settings combined into one statement, must be made.