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Software & Driver - Buzzer: IOType=63 [U3 Datasheet]


Buzzer, 6 Command Bytes: 
0 IOType = 63
1 Bit 0: Continuous
2 Period LSB
3 Period MSB
4 Toggles LSB
5 Toggles MSB
0 Response Bytes: 

This IOType is used to make the buzzer buzz. The buzzer is only available on hardware revisions 1.20 and 1.21, not on 1.30.

  • Continuous: If this bit is set, the buzzer will toggle continuously.
  • Period: This value determines how many main firmware loops the processor will execute before toggling the buzzer voltage.
  • Toggles: If Continuous is false, this value specifies how many times the buzzer will toggle.