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4.2.16 - ResetLabJack() [U3 Datasheet]

Sends a reset command to the LabJack hardware. Reset causes the device to go to the reset/power-up configuration.

Resetting the LabJack does not invalidate the handle, thus the device does not have to be opened again after a reset, but a Go call is likely to fail for a couple seconds after until the LabJack is ready.


LJ_ERROR _stdcall ResetLabJack (  LJ_HANDLE Handle  );

Parameter Description:
Returns: LabJack errorcodes or 0 for no error.

  • Handle – Handle returned by OpenLabJack().


  • None


May i know that what the reset operation did?
Reset all I/O pin to input?

In my case, I have two FIO pins are set to Output 1. If I reset it, will the two pins reset to input pin?

Added information above:

"Reset causes the device to go to the reset/power-up configuration. See the “Config Defaults” discussion in Section 1.1 ."

So with the factory defaults, a reset will cause the FIO to go to digital-input, but you can change that using LJControlPanel.

How can be detected that ResetLabJack completed its function and Labjack is ready (re-enumeration completed)?

The best way is to wait at least 5 seconds for a reset and enumeration, and then try communicating with the LabJack.  If it isn't yet enumerated you will get a 1008 or 1015 error code.  If that happens you should wait another second or two then try again.