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Appendix B - Enclosure and PCB Drawings [U3 Datasheet]

Various drawings follow.  CAD drawings of the U3 attached to the bottom of this page (DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP).

The square holes on the back of the enclosure are for DIN rail mounting adapters (TE Connectivity part #TKAD).



U3 OEM PCB Dimensions
















Notes on U3 OEM PCB Dimensions

  1. USB, PIN1
  2. OEM 2x5 HEADER, 0.100" PITCH, PIN 1
  3. OEM 2X8 HEADER, 0.100" PITCH, PIN 1


More Details

See the OEM page for details on connector pin-headers, holes, power supply information, part options, and more.


Common neutral format CAD models are provided below. Right-click and select the "Save link as..." option to download STEP files.


Very helpful, thanks!

Does anyone have a drawing of the PCB only, the current files do not have this detail

No, we don't have a CAD drawing of the PCB assembly and all the installed or possibly installed components.  We have the coordinate drawing above to show where the key holes are located.  Let us know what you need to know beyond that and we will help.

Hi, It would be useful for users of the OEM U3 board who use custom housings to have board detail, including USB connector added into the 3D file. Only the board outline is required (pcb traces and surface mount parts not necessary) including the locating holes and USB and 8pin connector details. Although most of this information is there it's spread between the 2d drawings and the 3d files, it would be better to have this all in it one 3d file?  

Next time we do some work involving CAD drawings we will see if we can get more PCB detail added to all the drawings.  One detail, though, is that the OEM board does not ship with any connectors and thus the connectors could vary with what the end-user selects, although the USB connector should not change much.

(1) What is the pin-spacing of the terminal blocks? Are they 0.1" spaced pads?

(2) Could you post a standard connectors list which you folks already use? I'm wondering what the make and model of the USB connector is, for instance.


The pin-headers J2, J3, and J4 are all 0.1" spacing.  Also the alternate USB holes.  See Section 2.12 for more detail and post there if anything is missing.

I interpreted the original question (1) as referring to JP1-6: nothing to do with the OEM version.

I want to make a board with a pin header to interface with the screw terminals along one side of the U3. Similar to what you do with your own accessories (e.g. The LJTick-Divider).

The spacing is obviously more than 0.1", but what is it?

And what is the spacing between two banks of 4? e.g. Between JP1 and JP2 as shown in <a href="">Section 2.12</a>



The U3 uses 5mm screw terminals, so the distance between the center of each hole is 5mm. Then the distance between the 4th pin of a group and the 1st pin of the next group is 7.86mm. These dimensions are for the screw terminal locations JP1-JP6, not the pin headers.

Hi, I'm designing a system that I wanted to put a U3-OEM in. It would be extremely helpful for packaging if you could upload a STEP model of the PCB, populated with components (not just the bare board).


Noted.  Unfortunately, this represents a fair amount of extra work on our end, since we make all of our own part libraries.  Is there a specific part that you need to know the height of?