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4.33 - SHTCRC [U12 Datasheet]

Checks the CRC on an SHT1X communication. Last byte of datarx is the CRC. Returns 0 if CRC is good, or SHT1X_CRC_ERROR_LJ if CRC is bad.


long SHTCRC (    long statusReg,
                 long numWrite,
                 long numRead,
                 unsigned char *datatx,
                 unsigned char *datarx)

Parameter Description:
Returns: LabJack errorcodes or 0 for no error.

  • statusReg – Current value of the SHT1X status register.
  • numWrite – Number of bytes that were written (0-4).
  • numRead – Number of bytes that were read (1-4).
  • *datatx – Array of 0-4 bytes that were sent.
  • *datarx – Array of 1-4 bytes that were read.

ActiveX Function Differences:
Transmit and receive data arrays are each replaced with 4 individual parameters.

Declaration (ActiveX):

long SHTCRCX (    long statusReg,
                  long numWrite,
                  long numRead,
                  long datatx0,
                  long datatx1,
                  long datatx2,
                  long datatx3,
                  long datarx0,
                  long datarx1,
                  long datarx2,
                  long datarx3 )