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4.24 - NoThread [U12 Datasheet]

This function is needed when interfacing TestPoint to the LabJack DLL on Windows 98/ME (see ljackuw.h for more information). Call this function to disable/enable thread creation for other functions. Normally, thread creation should be enabled, but it must be disabled for LabJack functions to work when called from TestPoint. One other situation where disabling thread creation might be useful, is when running a time-critical application in the Visual C debugger. Slow thread creation is a known problem with the Visual C debugger.

Execution time for this function is about 80 milliseconds.

If the read thread is disabled, the “timeout” specified in AIBurst and AIStreamRead is also disabled.


long NoThread (    long *idnum,
                   long noThread )

Parameter Description:
Returns: LabJack errorcodes or 0 for no error.

  • *idnum – Local ID, serial number, or -1 for first found.
  • noThread – If >0, the thread will not be used.


  • *idnum – Returns the local ID or –1 if no LabJack is found.