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4.40 - Description of Errorcodes [U12 Datasheet]

It is recommended that the function GetErrorString be used to interpret errorcodes, but this list is provided as a convenience.

Table 4.40-1. Error code meanings

Error Number Description
0 No error.
1 Unknown error.
2 No LabJacks found.
3 LabJack n not found.
4 Set USB buffer error.
5 Open handle error.
6 Close handle error.
7 Invalid ID.
8 Invalid array size or value.
9 Invalid power index.
10 FCDD size too big.
11 HVC size too big.
12 Read error.
13 Read timeout error.
14 Write error.
15 Turbo error.
16 Illegal channel index.
17 Illegal gain index.
18 Illegal AI command.
19 Illegal AO command.
20 Bits out of range.
21 Illegal number of channels.
22 Illegal scan rate.
23 Illegal number of samples.
24 AI response error.
25 LabJack RAM checksum error.
26 AI sequence error.
27 Maximum number of streams.
28 AI stream start error.
29 PC buffer overflow.
30 LabJack buffer overflow.
31 Stream read timeout.
32 Illegal number of scans.
33 No stream was found.
40 Illegal input.
41 Echo error.
42 Data echo error.
43 Response error.
44 Asynch read timeout error.
45 Asynch read start bit error.
46 Asynch read framing error.
47 Asynch DIO config error.
48 Caps error.
49 Caps error.
50 Caps error.
51 HID number caps error.
52 HID get attributes warning.
57 Wrong firmware version error.
58 DIO config error.
64 Could not claim all LabJacks.
65 Error releasing all LabJacks.
66 Could not claim LabJack.
67 Error releasing LabJack.
68 Claimed abandoned LabJack.
69 Local ID –1 thread stopped.
70 Stop thread timeout.
71 Thread termination failed.
72 Feature handle creation error.
73 Create mutex error.
80 Synchronous CS state or direction error.
81 Synchronous SCK direction error.
82 Synchronous MISO direction error.
83 Synchronous MOSI direction error.
89 SHT1X CRC error.
90 SHT1X measurement ready error.
91 SHT1X ack error.
92 SHT1X serial reset error.

If bit 8 is set, the error occurred in the stream thread. Bit 10 is set for Windows API errors.