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5 - Low-Level Function Reference [U12 Datasheet]

Low-level Function Reference Overview

This section describes the bytes that are sent to the U12 over USB. Most users are going to use the functions provided by the UW driver (Section 4).

This section is a valuable resource for anyone looking to interact directly with the U12.

Note that the LabJack U12 does not respond to the first command.

On the description of the commands, an ‘X’ means that the bit is ignored and can be set to either 0 or 1.



The low-level analogue commands all seem to be input commands. How do I use them to set the analogue outputs? I'm successfully using the LabJack U12 example ExoDriver code to read 4 inputs, and would also like to control some outputs.



I found the answer. Its under counter/PWM. I shoulda thunk!