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1.2 - Software Installation [U12 Datasheet]

Although the low-level USB drivers for the LabJack are included with Windows, high-level drivers are needed to send and receive data. Get started by going to labjack.com/support/u12.

When the LabJack installation is finished, it will start the National Instruments LabVIEW Run-Time Engine (LVRTE) setup. The LVRTE is required for the example applications such as LJtest. If prompted to reboot after this installation, go ahead and do so. Virus scanners can often interfere with the installation of the LVRTE. If you have trouble running the example applications, repeat the LabJack software installation to make sure the LVRTE is installed.

To test the installation, start LJtest by selecting

Start => Programs => LabJack U12 Legacy => Legacy U12 Samples => LJtest.

Make sure “Test Fixture Installed” and “Continuous” are not selected, and press the “Run” button. LJtest will step through 14 separate tests and all should pass. The I/O tests assume nothing is connected to the U12 (except USB), so they will likely fail if you have any connections.


Everything installs correctly -- but your instructions are incorrect.

There is no LabJack program group -- only a LabKacku12 Legacy program group...

Under Legacy u12 samples there are programs... The LJTest interface matches your description -- but only the first 8 tests pass the remaining 4 tests all fail.


The page has been updated to reflect the current start menu group.  Also, a screenshot has been added.  Please send an email with the output from your test program to [email protected] and we can help you further.

Went into the lab this morning to find that everything had un-installed. Followed the above instructions.

On the test failed the AI NC SE Test, AI NCDiff1 Test and the AI NC Diff20 Test.
AI NC SE TEST Failed Channel 1, 28.9 bits
AI NCDiff1 Test Failed  Channel 0, -28.1 bits
AI NC Diff20 Test Failed Channel 0, -470.3 bits

What happened to having to install it into the addons for the LabVIEW vi.lib folder?