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3.1 - LJconfig [U12 Datasheet]

Every LabJack U12 has a local ID and serial number. The local ID is a value between 0 and 255 that can be changed by the user. The serial number is a value between 256 and 2,147,483,647 that is unique among all LabJacks and cannot be changed by the user. LJconfig is used to set the local ID of a particular LabJack. When using multiple U12s, each should be assigned a unique local ID.

Figure 3.1-1. LJconfig

Figure 3.1-1 shows the window that opens when LJconfig is run. Each time the “Refresh” button is pushed, LJconfig will scan the USB for all LabJacks. To change the local ID of a particular LabJack, push the “Change” button next to that LabJack, and the window shown in Figure 3.1-2 will appear.

Figure 3.1-2. LJconfig Change Local ID

Enter a new local ID between 0 and 255 and push the “Change” button. The new local ID will be written and the LabJack will be forced to re-enumerate.


Soooooooooo....... where's the source code?

The source VI for LJconfig might not be with the normal U12 LabVIEW stuff, so if you don't see it in there send an email to [email protected] and we can likely send it to you.