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11.0 SPC

The SPC terminal has several uses:

  • Outputs diagnostic timing signals while streaming (see Stream Section for details)
  • Can be used to force special startup behavior.


Startup Behavior:

To force special startup behavior, securely install a short jumper wire from SPC to one of the following digital I/O lines:

  • FIO0: Force boot to main firmware (internal) image. Used to boot the internal firmware even if its checksum is bad. As of firmware 1.0201 , lua scripts will not be loaded during boot up when FIO0 is connected to SPC.
    Important Note: T7 Firmware versions less than 1.0201, lua scripts will still be loaded during boot-up when FIO0 is connected to SPC. We highly recommended that T7 customers use firmware versions 1.0201 or higher, especially if lua scripting is enabled during boot-up.
  • FIO1: Force copy of backup image to overwrite internal image. Used to load the external firmware even if its checksum is bad.
  • FIO2: Factory reset. Sets the start up configuration to factory settings. Disables Lua script at startup.
  • FIO3: Load emergency image. This option loads a firmware image with minimal functionality (similar to Windows safe-mode). Used to recover from firmware corruption or bugs. The update process is about all that can be done while in this mode.

The jumper needs to be installed before reset, so make sure the jumper is securely clamped in SPC and FIOx and then power up the device.