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20.0.0 T4 Calibration Constants [T-Series Datasheet]

The T4 automatically returns calibrated readings, so most people need not concern themselves with this section.

The factory applied calibration constants are stored in Internal Flash and can be accessed at any time through the use of the Modbus registers discussed in the parent to this section (Internal Flash section).

The calibration constants begin at memory address 0x3C4000, or in decimal format d3948544. The structure (location) of each calibration value can be seen in the C code snippet below:

typedef struct{
    struct {
        float Slope;
        float Offset;
    } HV[4];
    struct {
        float Slope;
        float Offset;
    } LV;
    struct {
        float Slope;
        float Offset;
    } SpecV;
    struct {
        float Slope;
        float Offset;
    } DAC[2];

    float Temp_Slope;
    float Temp_Offset;

    float I_Bias;
} DeviceCalibrationT4;

Nominal Calibration Values

Slope Offset
HV[0] (AIN0) 3.235316E-04 -10.532965
HV[1] (AIN1) 3.236028E-04 -10.534480
HV[2] (AIN2) 3.235439E-04 -10.530597
HV[3] (AIN3) 3.236133E-04 -10.530210
LV 3.826692E-05 0.002484
SpecV -3.839420E-05 2.507430
DAC0 1.310768E+04 54.091066
DAC1 1.310767E+04 54.044314
Temp -9.260000E+01 467.600000

AIN Bias Current: 0.000000015