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4.3 Hardware Revisions [T-Series Datasheet]

T4 Hardware Revisions:

  • 1.2: Initial Release of the T4

T7 Hardware Revisions:

  • 1.31: Initial release of the T7
  • 1.35: Several changes were made to improve testing and manufacturing reliability.
    • 1.35a: Switched to a new flash chip. Previous one was discontinued by the manufacturer. This version will not operate properly if a firmware version lower than 1.0218 is installed. Attempting to load firmware below 1.0218 will cause an error to be thrown.

T7-OEM Hardware Revisions:

Same revision history as T7 hardware.  HW 1.35 also changed the style of LEDs that are installed.  HW 1.31 came with through hole LEDs.  HW 1.35 has SMD LEDs installed next to the through hole component locations making them easier to remove.  They also draw less power and are lower profile.