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Appendix A - Wiring Diagrams


Figure A1. Simple

There is only 1 external power supply, and 1 item being controlled.


Figure A2. Multiple Items

There is 1 external power supply, and 2 items being controlled.


Figure A3. Multiple Power Supplies

There are 2 power supplies, and 2 items being controlled.  The high voltage DC motor requires a 4.7Ω inrush current limiter to help protect the PS12DC from the large inductive load inherent to a DC motor. See Appendix D for more information.


Figure A4. Multiple Items, Single Supply

5V is distributed to all 6 power supply blocks. All 12 switches are fed 5V from the LabJack.  This is a common configuration for simple testing, since the LEDs will illuminate when the LabJack is powered on, and it does not require an external power supply.



Can the PS12DC be used to control one 12V component, three 2.7V components, and a 10V component with just one 12V power supply?

No, each component needs a different power supply.  Also, 2.7V is too low for the PS12DC, since it is rated for 5V - 28V.  However, you may be able to drive the 2.7V component with a DAC output if it is a low current device (<20mA).  See the DAC output section of the U3 Users Guide for more details on the analog outputs.

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Do you have CAD STEP files for this device?

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No.  The DXF drawing on the data sheet is the only drawing we have for this product.