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LJTick-InBuff Datasheet

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LabJack LJTick-InBuff

The LJTick-InBuff (LJTIB) is an input buffer tick that allows LabJack devices to directly measure pH sensors and other kinds of weak signals. Our main LabJack DAQ products (U3, U6, UE9, and T7) require somewhere on the order of 10 to 100pA of bias current. This accessory can really help users trying to measure signals with >10MΩ of source impedance. The LJTick-InBuff accomplishes this by adding a Texas Instruments OPA2140 high-precision, low-noise Op Amp in between a devices analog input channel and the sensor. Simply connect the LJTick-InBuff to a screw terminal with analog inputs and connect a sensor to the INA or INB screw terminal of the LJTick-InBuff.

  • 1pA bias current
  • ±10V input & output range
  • Has pads to optionally install gain resistors & input filter.

Common Applications

  • Measuring PH sensors.

Figure 1: LJTick-InBuff

Figure 2: LJTick-InBuff with U3-LV

Screw Terminal Descriptions

VS: This is the same 5 volt output as the VS terminals on the LabJack itself. This is an output terminal, not an input. It can be used to provide 5 volt (nominal) power as needed.

GND: Same as LabJack ground (GND).

INA/INB: These input lines go through the Op Amps to have their signals amplified before being sent to a LabJack device.


LJTick-InBuff Hardware Block Diagram

Figure 3: LJTick-InBuff Schematic


LJTick-InBuff Schematic

Figure 4: LJTick-InBuff Schematic


Usage with the T4 or U3-HV

The T4 and U3-HV have a mix of high voltage analog inputs (±10 volt range) and low voltage analog inputs (±2.5/2.4 volt range).  Most input ticks are best used with the low voltage analog inputs, but the LJTick-InBuff is unique in that it has a ±10 volt output range and thus either type of analog input might be best depending on the range of the input signal.



Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Units
Input Voltage Range   -10   10 Volts
Temperature Range   -40   85 °C
Supply Voltage   4   5.25 Volts
Supply Current     28   mA
Input Bias Current     ±0.5 ±10 pA
Input Impedance     10^13   Ω
Input Capacitance     10   pF
Gain Accuracy          
Offset Accuracy       ±100 μV
Cutoff Frequency 0-5V Input Sine Wave   4.3   MHz
  ±10V Input Sine Wave   120   kHz



For more specifications about the Op Amp used in the LJTick-InBuff refer to the Texas Instruments OPA2140 datasheet.