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LJTick-DAC Testing Utility

This application will allow you to configure and test LJTick-DACs attached to any UD family device (UE9, U3, or U6). While the actual cross platform Python script is contained in the LabJackPython package, we provide a stand-alone application for the convenience of our customers running Microsoft Windows.

If you get an error message that says something like “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect …”, try downloading this update for your machine:


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I've installed Python 2.7.2 and tried to run LJTickDAC.exe, but the popup window displays like:

X Phthon error: list index out of range.

I am quite confused, and cannot figure out why, any one can illuminate me?


Do you have the UD driver installed on your computer?  If not download and install it, and try running LJTickDAC.exe again.

If you do have the UD driver installed and this problem persists, is that the full error message you are receiving?  Also, what version of Windows are you running and what LabJack are you using?

Clicking the link takes me to a "page not found".

Fixed now.  UD is part of the main installer.


I'm trying to use two LJTickDac simultaneously with a U3HV. Can it be done with the testing utility?

How can I use the other U3HV ports while using the LJTickDAC?




You will be able to set 2 LJTick-DACs on FIO4/FIO5 and FIO6/FIO7.  Click the "Setup" button for options on which LJTick-DAC you want to use (DAC Pins).  When you want to set your other LJTick-DAC, switch to it in the "Setup".  You DAC values will be retained when switching between LJTick-DACs/DAC Pins.