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IDCA-10 Datasheet


DC Brushed Motor Drive

Motor Control Technologies, LLC

11/2010, Rev. 1.0

The IDCA-10 is an integrated servo control system designed specifically for DC brushed motors. MCT brings a unique solution to motor control with this innovative product. The IDCA-10 possesses a dedicated PID control loop, localizing control functions on the motor hardware. The IDCA-10 is designed with flexibility in mind and is easily configured for a number of different operating modes. Operating modes include open-loop speed control, closed-loop speed control, and closed loop position control.


Digital communication is made available via a configurable 4-wire SPI or 3-wire SMBus/I2C serial bus. An optional stand-alone mode allows the user to utilize a single analog input signal to control the IDCA-10 in place of the serial bus.


The IDCA-10 also incorporates two encoder channels to interface with shaft encoders common to many motor assemblies. Two external inputs allow easy integration with limit/proximity switches to implement motor stops or fixed-position motor deceleration.


The IDCA-10 is ready to use right out of the box. An anodized aluminum heat sink and enclosure may be used as a stand-alone base, or integrated into existing hardware. The IDCA-10 also provides a convenient +5V regulated output to power encoders or other electronic components.



Characteristic Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage +Vs 8 -- 28 V
Motor Output Voltage OUTn 0 -- +Vs - 0.5 V
Continuous Output Current (1) Iout 0 -- 5 A
Peripheral Power (+5VO) (3) +5VO        
Iout = 0A   -- 5.5 -- V
Iout = 250mA   -- 5.1 -- V
Iout = 500mA   -- 4.6 -- V
Peripheral Output Current (3) IPmax -- -- 500 mA
Quiescent Current IQ        
Bridge Enabled          
+Vs = 8V   -- 31.5 -- mA
+Vs = 28V   -- 18.5 -- mA
Bridge Disabled          
+Vs = 8v   -- 26.8 -- mA
+Vs = 28V   -- 13.5 -- mA
Control I/O Input Limits VI -10 -- 10 V
Control Logic Levels          
High Level Input Voltage VIH 2.3 -- -- V
Low Level Input Voltage VIL -- -- 1 V
Serial Bus Clock Speed          
SPI   300 -- 10000 Hz
I2C   40   10000 Hz
PWM Output Frequency fPWM 1 -- 10 kHz
Bridge Resistance (4) RBR -- 240 --
Recommended Motor Winding Resistance (5) RMOT       Ω
+Vs = 28V   2.3 -- --  
+Vs = 18V   1.5 -- --  
+Vs = 12V   1 -- --  
+Vs = 8V   0.75 -- --  
Operating Temperature Range TOP -40 -- 85 °C

(1) Inability to adequately dissipate heat from the drive unit will result in lower continuous current limit due to over temperature shutdown limits.
(2) H-bridge IC junction temperature.
(3) 500 mA loads are not to exceed 30s in duration.
(4) RBR value measured when the bridge junction temperature at 25 C.
(5) Motor winding resistances less than that noted for RMOT can result in excessive bridge currents during breaking, and can cause serious damage to the IDCA-10.
(6) This is an abridged version of the DCA-10 specification sheet. A complete specification sheet is located in the product manual.

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