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CB15 Datasheet

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LabJack CB15 USB, Ethernet, WiFi DAQ Screw Terminal Accessory board Package Contents

The CB15 terminal board connects to the DB15 connector on applicable LabJacks (not the U12). It provides convenient screw terminal access to the 12 digital I/O available on the DB15 connector. The CB15 is designed to connect directly to the LabJack (see image below), or can connect via a standard 15-line 1:1 male-female DB15 cable (not included).

The green LED on the CB15 is directly powered by the 5-volt supply (Vs) from the LabJack, so it should be lit whenever the CB15 is connected to a powered LabJack.

The CB15 PCB is mounted to a piece of Snaptrack. The Snaptrack is DIN rail mountable using TE Connectivity part #TKAD (not included).

For more information about the I/O lines, see the User’s Guide for the applicable LabJack. Here are a few useful links:


Table 1. DB15 Pinouts and Names

Pin # Pin Name   Pin # Pin Name
1 VS   9 CIO0
2 CIO1   10 CIO2
3 CIO3   11 GND
4 EIO0   12 EIO1
5 EIO2   13 EIO3
6 EIO4   14 EIO5
7 EIO6   15 EIO7
8 GND      






1.  3" Snap-Track not shown.



Common neutral format CAD models are provided below.  Right-click and select the "Save link as..." option to download STEP files. 


 would be nice having a recapitulation what the capability and restriction of CIO and EIO is in this very description of the board. thanks

There is a lot of information, but I added a few links above to get you pointed in the right direction.

Can you connect the LJTick-DAC to the EIO outputs of the CB-15?

Yes.  The LJTick-DAC can be used with any digital I/O.

cb15.IGES file for final cad layout? Tks

Unfortunately we do not have an IGES file for the CB15 accessory board.  However we do have CAD files for the primary LabJack devices, and if you are interested in a particular dimension that is not shown in the picture, such as height of the screw terminals, we'd be happy to provide that information.

What is the pinout of the DB15? It may be in the window above which points to https://spreadsheets.google.com, but for some reason, my company does not trust that cloud. I will try looking at this page from home.


 1VS 9CIO0


 2CIO1 10CIO2


 3CIO3 11GND


 4EIO0 12EIO1


 5EIO2 13EIO3


 6EIO4 14EIO5


 7EIO6 15EIO7


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How many PWM output channels does the CB15 support when used in conjunction with a T4, which supports 2.

T4 Capable DIO: DIO6, DIO7 (aka FIO6, FIO7)



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As far as the hardware PWM outputs provided by the DIO-EF system, you are correct that the T4 has 2 and they can only appear on FIO6 & FIO7, which means they cannot appear on the DB15 connector or CB15 terminal board.  See Table 13.2-1:


Other options are creating PWM output using a Lua script (1 ms resolution at best) or stream-out (20 us resolution at best).  Either of these could do PWM on any output channel, perhaps even all 16 DO and 2 DAC at the same time.