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Screenshots (App Note)


Screenshots are a very common and useful tool for troubleshooting.  Here are some tips for screenshots on Windows.


Traditional Techniques:


<PrintScreen>:  Copies the entire screen to the clipboard.

Press <PrintScreen> to copy the entire screen to the clipboard, paste that clipboard into Word, and save as a .doc.  Problem is that the resolution is usually poor and we can't zoom in to see details.


Recommended Techniques:

<Alt-PrintScreen>:  Copies just the active window to the clipboard.

1.  Press <Alt-PrintScreen> to copy the window of interest to the clipboard, paste into a graphics program such as MS Paint, and then save as a jpg or png.

2.  Some programs, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, will automatically notice when you press <PrintScreen> or <Alt-PrintScreen> and directly save the image as a jpg/png to a specified folder.  Much quicker than #1 above.  Very convenient.

3.  Use the Windows Snipping Tool or install special screenshot software like "Screenshot Captor" or "Lightshot".  A couple things these might be good at are a selectable-area screenshot and a screenshot of a window where the whole thing does not fit on your monitor:



Mac OS X

The Grab application works well.