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Monitor with GoogleDrive (App Note)

If you own a LabJack device, have Python installed, and have a Google e-mail address, you may find this AppNote to be of interest.  You can create a program that posts collected data to a Google Doc's spreadsheet so you can view your collected data from anywhere, for free!

  1. Make sure that LabJackPython is installed.
  2. Download and install Google's Python API.
  3. Try Google's API example located in the root directory and then samples/spreadsheets to make sure you installed it properly
    to run: "python --user [yourUserName] --pw [yourPassword]"
  4. The program should display all of the spreadsheet files created in your Google Drive account, and let you open and change values of the file.
  5. Download the example program that opens a U3 device and stores information to a created Google Drive spreadsheet.
  6. Create a spreadsheet and modify the example program's SPREADSHEET_NAME, WORKSHEET_NAME, GOOGLE_USER_NAME, AND GOOGLE_PASSWORD string constants.
  7. If needed, change the LabJack device being opened. The program was written for a U3, so change U3s to U6s or UE9s.
  8. Run program!

Two Step Verification

Do you have two step verification enabled on your account? If so you need to generate a new application-specific password and use that as your password for the example program.