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Direct Connection via Ethernet (App Note)

The application note is about connecting a T4 or T7 via Ethernet to a network that does not have a DHCP server (router).  Perhaps you have a few devices connected to a switch or hub, or perhaps you just have a T-series device directly connected to a computer via Ethernet.  Since this network does not have a DHCP server, you need to disable DHCP on the computer and assign static IPs to both the computer and the T4/T7:

  1. Follow tutorials for your operating system to configure your computer's Ethernet port to have a static IPv4 IP address.  For this example, give your computer a static IP address of  The subnet mask should be  The default gateway should be
  2. Connect a computer to the T4/T7 via USB.
  3. Run Kipling, connect to the T4/T7 via USB, and navigate to the Network Settings tab.
  4. Disable DHCP to enable manual entry of the networking details.  Enter the IP address:, subnet of, and a gateway of  You can leave the DNS/Alt-DNS IP addresses at  Press the Apply button.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the device's reported connection status to report "Connected" and show a static IP address of  If this does not happen, close Kipling, power cycle the T4/T7, re-open Kipling, connect by USB, and go back to the Network Settings tab.

Now go to step #7 of the Setup WiFi and Ethernet ... App Note, and depending on what happens you might need to see the troubleshooting tips towards the end of the Basic Networking & Troubleshooting App Note.