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Error 1722 from LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 6.0.2 Installer (App Note)

We have had some reports of people getting an error 1722 from the National Instruments LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 6.0.2 Installer.  This version of the LVRTE is required for some of our sample executable applications that are written in LabVIEW:

  • U12:  LJtest, LJconfig, LJlogger, LJstream, LJcounter, LJfg, and a few others.

A google search of this error provides various hits, including a knowledge base article from

From what we have heard the problem only occurs on Windows XP.  Of the perhaps 6 times the problem has been reported, 5 were on a machine where a newer version of LabVIEW (specifically LV11 or LV12) had been installed previously.  All 5 of these resolved the problem by uninstalling the newer LabVIEW (or perhaps just the newer LabVIEW RTE) and then installing LVRTE 6.0.2.  This allowed LVRTE 6.0.2 to install, and then they were able to re-install the newer LVRTE and have both working.

The one other user reported that they fixed the problem by first installing a newer RTE, then installing LV 6.0.2, which seems opposite of the fix the other 5 users needed.