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Data Logging

LabJack produces low cost, high quality, multifunction data acquisition and control products capable of logging data independently from a computer so that it can be retrieved at a later date. The Digit series devices are battery powered data loggers that let you retrieve saved temperature, light, and humidity data via a USB connection in convenient formats for easy analysis interpretation of collected data. The T7 Series is capable of running Lua Scripts that can be written to acquire data from almost any sensor and saving the result to its internal microSD card.

Product Comparison

T7 T7-Pro Digit-TL Digit-TLH
Data Logging Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Storage Medium microSD Card microSD Card Internal Flash Internal Flash
Temp Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light Sensor No No Yes Yes
Humidity Sensor No No No Yes
Battery Powered No No Yes Yes
Scripting Yes Yes No No

Update: The Digit has been tested for over a year and is still collecting data. Read the full blog post for more information. If you are looking for capable of other types of measurements we make a variety of DAQ devices that connect to the computer in various ways that are capable of logging data from almost any electrical sensor. LabJack produces USB DAQ devices, Ethernet DAQ devices, and WiFi DAQ devices fulfilling these needs.

To view our USB DAQ product offerings please see our USB DAQ (data acquisition) products. To view our Ethernet DAQ product offerings please see our Ethernet DAQ (data acquisition) products. To view our WiFi DAQ product offerings please see our Wifi DAQ (data acquisition) products.

Please note that the term "DAQ (data acquisition)" implies products that connect to a PC to acquire data. Hence, the term "Modbus TCP DAQ" means that this communication occurs using a PC's active network connection. If you need an instrument that can operate independently from a computer we have Data Logging compatible DAQ devices that are capable of periodically recording to internal memory for later use.

DAQ Devices

$520/$460 OEM
High performance, USB, Ethernet, WiFi
  • USB, Ethernet, and WiFi connectivity
  • Fully compatible with Modbus TCP
  • 14 analog inputs
  • 16+ bits of resolution
  • T7-Pro: Up to 22-bit resolution
  • ±10V, ±1V, ±0.1V, and ±0.01V ranges
  • 100k samples/s max stream rate
  • Expand to 84 channels with Mux80
  • Optional NIST traceable Calibration Certificate.
  • AIN-EF: Hardware scaling & processing
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 23 digital I/O
  • Up to 12 timer and counter features
  • Run Lua scripts in hardware
T7: 520.00
T7-Pro: 600.00
T7-OEM: 400.00
T7-Pro-OEM: 550.00

DAQ Services

NIST traceable calibration of the U6, T7, or UE9.  Includes a calibration certificate.