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Introducing LJFuse

Linux and Mac OS X users, prepare to get happy. For years we’ve had great language support for C and Python through the Exodriver and LabJackPython, and we’ve recently documented how to use LabVIEW on Mac OS X to call the Exodriver. We wanted programmers in other languages to leverage the work we’ve done, so we’re releasing LJFuse.

New Line-to-Line timer mode on the U3.

Beta U3 firmware 1.30 adds the new Line-to-Line timer mode that can measure times between edges on two different lines with up to 20.8ns resolution. For more information see section of the user's guide: /support/u3/users-guide/

New Waveform Generation App Note

We have started a new application note about arbitrary waveform generation with DAC channels (analog outputs).


New C# GUI Examples

In response to user demand, we have added new C# examples to our UD .NET example archive. These new additions include a GUI form that updates itself at regular intervals and two streaming examples, one using a traditional thread and another using a software timer. The updated archive can be found at /support/ud/examples/dotnet

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How to make a LabVIEW CIN for Mac OS X using Xcode

Update: LabVIEW and Linux/Mac OS X documentation and downloads were updated on Sept. 7, 2010 in this blog post: CINs are out, Call Library Function Nodes are in! . We recommend reading this post instead since LabVIEW 2010 no longer supports CINs.

LabJackDasy Released

Today DASYLab officially joins our growing selection of UD-family compatible software. Now, with the 0.1 release of LabJackDasy, users can communicate with U3, U6, and UE9 devices using DASYLab’s native controls. The following features are currently supported:

LabJack Bartender "AutoBart" Phase 2

Circuit Design and Valve Placement

The drink elements will flow when their corresponding valve is opened, so I designed a circuit capable of switching power for each solenoid valve.  The AutoBart will be a modular system, starting with the capacity for 12 drink elements, but having the option of expanding to 24, or 36.  

LabJack Bartender Phase 1

Valve Pressure/Flow Testing

End Table Drink Cooler

The goal of the project was to automatically detect whether a drink is hot or cold, and keep it that way, without the mess of an extra device typically associated with peltier drink cooling.  

The main components include: 12V 60W PSU, Labjack U3, IR Thermopile Sensor, H-Bridge, and a 60W Peltier Cooler. Wiring from the U3 goes to LED indicators and switches on the side, along with 2 temp sensors, the IR sensor, and the H-Bridge for polarity reversal. 

U12 Unwrapped For Flight

Surveillance Blimp Gondola