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How to make a LabVIEW CIN for Mac OS X using Xcode

Update: LabVIEW and Linux/Mac OS X documentation and downloads were updated on Sept. 7, 2010 in this blog post: CINs are out, Call Library Function Nodes are in! . We recommend reading this post instead since LabVIEW 2010 no longer supports CINs.

LabJackDasy Released

Today DASYLab officially joins our growing selection of UD-family compatible software. Now, with the 0.1 release of LabJackDasy, users can communicate with U3, U6, and UE9 devices using DASYLab’s native controls. The following features are currently supported:

LabJack Bartender "AutoBart" Phase 2

Circuit Design and Valve Placement

The drink elements will flow when their corresponding valve is opened, so I designed a circuit capable of switching power for each solenoid valve.  The AutoBart will be a modular system, starting with the capacity for 12 drink elements, but having the option of expanding to 24, or 36.  

LabJack Bartender Phase 1

Valve Pressure/Flow Testing

End Table Drink Cooler

The goal of the project was to automatically detect whether a drink is hot or cold, and keep it that way, without the mess of an extra device typically associated with peltier drink cooling.  

The main components include: 12V 60W PSU, Labjack U3, IR Thermopile Sensor, H-Bridge, and a 60W Peltier Cooler. Wiring from the U3 goes to LED indicators and switches on the side, along with 2 temp sensors, the IR sensor, and the H-Bridge for polarity reversal. 

U12 Unwrapped For Flight

Surveillance Blimp Gondola

LJ Turns On the Heat In Home Brewing

High Tech Homebrewing

New Product Stickers

Soon LabJacks will start shipping with new stickers on the boxes. Here’s what the U3-HV and U6 stickers look like:

New LabJackPython Release

We’ve created another stable release of LabJackPython. Download it from the LabJackPython page. The development version will stay on GitHub, and an archive of all our stable downloads are also on the GitHub downloads page.

In addition to over 20 bug fixes and improvements, the latest release boasts:

1. Linux U12 support

U12 Support in LabJackPython and the Exodriver

We’re happy to announce support for the U12 in our new Linux and Mac OS X driver, the Exodriver. Now, bundled with the Exodriver is a quick example showing how to work with the U12 in C.