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3-Speed Single-Speed Mountain Bike

Single-speed mountain bikes are a fun and challenging change from normal geared bikes, but the lack of gears is really frustrating on flats. Going uphill is hard as expected, and going downhill you can coast fast, but on the flats you spin your pedals and go nowhere.

I decided to add an internally geared 3-speed hub to my single-speed. I thought I might be able to keep the clean, quiet, and solid feel of the single-speed, but get a bigger gear for the flats.


I started with a 2007 Redline Monocog Flight 29er single-speed. This cost around $800 and was purchased in early 2008.  It came with a 32 tooth chainring and 20 tooth rear cog for a 1.60 gear ratio.  That 32x20 gearing with the 29" wheels is probably similar to 32x22 on a 26" bike.  The photo on the right below shows the original rear wheel.

The hub I chose for this bike is the Shimano Nexus Inter-3 for $125.  This has an overall gear range of 186% and a stated weight of 945 grams (2.1 pounds).  A normal good rear mountain bike hub weighs 300-350 grams, so the Inter-3 adds at least 600 grams (1.3 pounds).  This hub works with disk brakes.

The hub does not include ...

New Product: PS12DC


New Compatible Software: FlowStone

We are pleased to announce that the LabJack U3 is now supported in FlowStone.

FlowStone is a graphical programming language similar to LabView, but quite simple to use. Developed by DSP Robotics, it has a ready-made module for the U3, and many other devices such as Phidgets, credit card scanners, cameras, and video game console controllers.

The full list of compatible hardware for Flowstone can be found here:

New Product: Mux80

Need more analog inputs?  The latest LabJack accessory might be for you.  The Mux80 is an analog input expansion board that increases the number of analog inputs on any U6, or UE9 by 80.  Currently priced at $150, this product provides exceptional value when combined with a LabJack device.

U3 and a Scooter Computer

LabJack Bartender Update


It has been a while since the last update on the automated bartender, but the project is still underway.  The latest additions are a database and a new design of bottle stopper.  

LJLogUD V1.07

LJLogUD V1.07 has been posted.  Go to the LJLogUD support page.


LJStreamUD V1.11

LJStreamUD V1.11 has been posted.  Go to the LJStreamUD support page.


Real time machine control with UE9 and VB.Net

Real time machine control with UE9 and VB.Net


The lab spinner and laptop interface

UE9 On The Burj Khalifa

UE9 Inside Burj Khalifa