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LJStreamUD V1.09

LJStreamUD V1.09 has been posted.  Go to the LJStreamUD support page.

LabJack Bartender Phase 3

Mounting Stand and Circuity Complete


On the left is the 24V power supply, in the middle is the U3, and on the right lies the power switching circuit designed during "Phase 2" of this project. 

The mounting stand is comprised of 5/8" threaded rod situated in a PVC base.  There are large threaded nuts at the start of the PVC to allow for height adjustment. 

The solenoid valves are all wired into the power switching circuit, which is controlled through the EIO, CIO, and FIO lines on the U3. Using a python script running on a local PC the valves are opened and closed. The next step is to buy a bunch of alcohol and connect the piping.

Introducing LJFuse

Linux and Mac OS X users, prepare to get happy. For years we’ve had great language support for C and Python through the Exodriver and LabJackPython, and we’ve recently documented how to use LabVIEW on Mac OS X to call the Exodriver. We wanted programmers in other languages to leverage the work we’ve done, so we’re releasing LJFuse.

New Line-to-Line timer mode on the U3.

Beta U3 firmware 1.30 adds the new Line-to-Line timer mode that can measure times between edges on two different lines with up to 20.8ns resolution. For more information see section of the user's guide: /support/u3/users-guide/

New Waveform Generation App Note

We have started a new application note about arbitrary waveform generation with DAC channels (analog outputs).


New C# GUI Examples

In response to user demand, we have added new C# examples to our UD .NET example archive. These new additions include a GUI form that updates itself at regular intervals and two streaming examples, one using a traditional thread and another using a software timer. The updated archive can be found at /support/ud/examples/dotnet

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LabJack Support

How to make a LabVIEW CIN for Mac OS X using Xcode

Update: LabVIEW and Linux/Mac OS X documentation and downloads were updated on Sept. 7, 2010 in this blog post: CINs are out, Call Library Function Nodes are in! . We recommend reading this post instead since LabVIEW 2010 no longer supports CINs.

LabJackDasy Released

Today DASYLab officially joins our growing selection of UD-family compatible software. Now, with the 0.1 release of LabJackDasy, users can communicate with U3, U6, and UE9 devices using DASYLab’s native controls. The following features are currently supported:

LabJack Bartender "AutoBart" Phase 2

Circuit Design and Valve Placement

The drink elements will flow when their corresponding valve is opened, so I designed a circuit capable of switching power for each solenoid valve.  The AutoBart will be a modular system, starting with the capacity for 12 drink elements, but having the option of expanding to 24, or 36.  

LabJack Bartender Phase 1

Valve Pressure/Flow Testing