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DAQ Reports and Alerts from LabJack, Delivered to Your Inbox

The most commonly requested feature of LabJack customers is the ability to receive and send data via email.

Our team of engineers and computer scientists have been busy testing, refining and documenting a variety of ways to deliver analog and digital sensor data from your LabJack into your inbox. These emails can serve as alerts when monitored values deviate from a certain range or can be scheduled at specified intervals for reporting.

EOL Announcement EI1050 Digital Temperature/Humidity Probe

We have been notified that the 

Citizen Scientist Workshop Features LabJack (Video)

LabJack loves crazy projects, zany scientists and ambitious engineers. When your passion is helping others measure, record, control and automate, you can't help trying a few measurements of your own. (We once built a stepstool/ladder that would measure how long you were balanced on two legs using a LabJack T4 and Raspberry Pi) We are always honored when teachers, scientists and researchers choose LabJack to help inspire students, hold their attention and capture their imagination. So we were beyond humbled when Dr.

9 Engineering Applications for Your LabJack Data Acquisition Hardware

LabJack devices are powerful, flexible tools, designed to increase the efficiency of your work by placing data quickly and easily at your fingertips. Since 2001, professionals of many disciplines have used LabJack data acquisition hardware for countless applications, such as CNC integration, water cooling your PC or automating tedious testing protocols. Here are 9 of the most common applications, with links to detailed application-specific guides and examples.

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Popular Maker Demos LabJack T4

Tech Exploration, a popular makers website and blog recently share their experience with LabJack's T4. This near complete introduction of the T4 offers a high quality, step by step video showcasing both the hardware and software, along with 5 simple experiments including running Lua scripts.

LJM ByteArray Functions

If you need to send or receive bytes to or from an LJM-supported device, consider using the LJM ByteArray functions.

These functions automatically split writes or reads into multiple packets, if necessary. Because of this, you can write or read a large number of bytes without worrying about what the maximum packet size of the connection is. This is especially useful for buffer registers. For example:

UVic Rocketry Upgrades Data Acquisition System

The UVic Rocketry Team is a student-led group at the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) that designs and builds competitive sounding rockets. UVic participates the annual Spaceport America Cup (SA Cup), located at the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport located in southern New Mexico, United States.

LCONFIG - A tool for automating experiments and data collection

LCONFIG is a C library for configuration and logging. Log files also serve as configuration files so you can easily repeat experiments. From the LCONFIG_README: