TBT-EEV Blog Unboxing and Teardown of T7-Pro | LabJack

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TBT-EEV Blog Unboxing and Teardown of T7-Pro

A few years ago we sent one of our T7-Pros to a prominent Blogger/Youtuber/Content Creator Dave Jones who is one of the earliest and most pure voices in the electronics space. We have been big fans Dave and EEV Blog due to his passion, energy, sense of humor and brutal honesty. Dave doesn't accept payments or kickbacks for endorsing products and maintains that independent voice that is becoming more and more rare on social media. Understandably, we were nervous when we sent him a T7-Pro and a bunch of LabJack schwag. Right on his website he cautions companies that he loves talking about the negatives...

From EEVBlog.com/Reviews/

1) I love to point out everything negative I can about a product as well as the positives, and that is one of the reasons my reviews are so popular. If you can’t handle that, or having your product or company rightfully called out when something is wrong with it (or you can’t handle strong opinions), then send it to one of the established magazine sites and they’ll bend over backward to simply regurgitate your marketing copy to a pathetic dwindling audience.

2) If your product fails in some way, it will make it onto the video for all the world to see, I won’t hide it and let you secretly fix it as if nothing happened. That has happened to many of the major manufacturers who have sent equipment in for review. But what most marketing people would consider a public relations nightmare has in fact turned into a massive positive result for the company when customers see the company pro-actively responding to real issues. Things fail, and mistakes happen, engineers understand that. If you want exposure on the biggest electronics blog on the internet, you have to take a risk and believe in your product and your customer service to fix any issues.

3) I do not allow suppliers or manufacturers to see the review before it goes live, that is the rule, no exceptions. You send your gear, and you take your chances. I don’t care if you “just want to make sure I have the facts right”, I ain’t falling for it.

 A few months later we received a few early notifications and emails from some of the EEVBlog Patreon supporters that we were featured on his mailbag segment. We wanted to share it with you in case you haven't seen it yet. It is all that we could have hoped for; comprehensive, funny, brutally honest and informative. Enjoy!



About EEVblog

Hi, I'm Dave Jones from the EEVblog.
I've been creating Electronics Engineering Youtube videos since April 2009, with over 1300 episodic engineering videos with hundreds more on my 2nd and other channels.
I create a wide variety of electronics engineering related videos, from tutorials, teardowns, industry advice, repairs and product reviews through to debunking of crowd funding scams and dodgy products (so few people are doing this!) among an eclectic mix of content.
I also run and manage one of the world's largest public engineering forums.

Doing all this takes a lot of time and effort and as such this has been my full time job since 2011.
To continue to do this full time I have to have other income streams outside of Youtube. And as several Youtube Adpocolypse's have shown, earning money on Youtube is always on shaky ground, so this is where Patreon comes in. If you find value in my content and want to show your support financially, then Patreon is great place to do this.

All of my content is free for everyone, I don't produce exclusive content for Patrons, but Patrons do get early access to new videos which allows you to have some technical input before it goes live to the public. I can also share news, and have occasional giveaways and other promotions for Patrons only, and I also do the occasional live hangout with Patrons. You can also contact me directly bypassing the ton of noise I get being a big(ish) channel.

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