LJFuse now supports Timers and Counters | LabJack

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LJFuse now supports Timers and Counters

There’s been some interesting uses of LJFuse in the forum, which has spurred the motivation to advance LJFuse to the next level. Starting today, the latest version of LJFuse can access timers and counters. It’s not a trivial as the rest of LJFuse, so we’re putting the instructions in an Advanced LJFuse section, but “advanced” in this context means only advanced relative to the rest of (simple) LJFuse. It’s easy once you know the right Modbus registers to use. Here’s an example of reading Counter 0:

# Register 50502 is a bitfield of which counters to enable
# This enables Counter 0
$ echo 1 > 50502
# Create the file for register 7300
$ touch 7300
# Register 7300 is the number of counts on Counter 0
$ cat 7300
# Tap GND to FIO4 to generate counts
$ cat 7300
# More counts
$ cat 7300

So try it out, and if there’s more interest we’ll make LJFuse even better.