LabJack Power Hour Thursday July 1st 2021 | LabJack

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LabJack Power Hour Thursday July 1st 2021

Ask LabJack Anything (AMA) LabJack's live chat power hour is Thursdays from 9:00am to 11:00am, Mountain Daylight time. Yes, that's actually 2 hours, but "power hour" sounds cooler than "2 hours of power." Our chat is live from 9-11a and 2-4p MDT, Monday-Friday, and you are always talking to a LabJack engineer or programmer who is directly involved with product development, but the Thursday morning window is all-hands-on-deck with many engineers and programmers available at the same time! Do you have questions about a new application or project? Ask LabJack! Stuck in with your development? Ask LabJack! Not sure what sensor to use? Finally ready to do some debugging or troubleshooting... What if you have a non-technical question? No problem, engineers are good at pretending they know the answer to everything.