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Python 3.5 for UE9

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Python 3.5 for UE9

Dear Support,

We are using Labjack UE9 (serial number :  278955568)  purchased in Europe

For our existing ATE project programmed using Python 3.5, we are trying to integrate Labjack UE9. So we required the library file of UE9, which support python 3.5

It is mandatory for us to use Phython 3.5. Can you provide us support 

Thanks and regards,

R.Sathish Kumar

LabJack Support
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We somehow missed this post.

We somehow missed this post. Sorry about the late reply.

The stable download on our site is only Python 2.5 - 2.7 compatible, but we have an experimental, development version of LabJackPython on GitHub for Python 3. Note that all functionality has not been tested yet, so if you run into an issue report the bug to [email protected] or here in the forums.