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Watchdog actions on timeout using LJUDDotNet

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Watchdog actions on timeout using LJUDDotNet

I am trying to test the watchdog functionality to see if it will help with a USB comms issue I have been having. Looking at the LJUD.CHANNEL enumeration I see several entries that look like actions to take when the watchdog timeout is reached. A few of them are not explained and seem a bit nebulous in function.


SWDT_RESET_DEVICE seems pretty obvious. I assume this will trigger a micro reset along with possibly some other resets of other circuitry.

 SWDT_RESET_COMM seems pretty straightforward as well. I assume this will reset the comm stack and any comm ICs external to the main micro.

SWDT_RESET_CONTROL is the real mystery here.


Neither the high level driver documentation nor the low level driver documentation mention or describe these options. Is there another place I should be looking at for this sort of information?

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SWDT_RESET_DEVICE is described in the high level driver documentation, it is a soft microcontroller reset as you expect.

We use the same header file to describe functionality for all of our UD devices. SWDT_RESET_COMM and SWDT_RESET_CONTROL are not valid configurations for the U6, which is why they are not mentioned in the U6 documentation. These settings are in reference to the UE9, which has two microcontrollers for communication and control: