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Multiple signal inputs to U6 using Labview

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Multiple signal inputs to U6 using Labview

I am trying to aquire data from a load cell and a pressure transducer simaltaneously and continuously using the U6 with labview. I am not getting a signal from either when I run the test. I initially only had the load cell programmed and everything worked great, but now that I've intriduced the transducer I don't get a signal from either sensor. Attached is my VI and a screenshot of my back panel. I am pretty dumb so I have a feeling that there is a straight forward, easy solution to my problem that I can't figure out.

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Attached is a picture of the

Attached is a picture of the wiring.

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First, I suggest trying to

First, I suggest trying to isolate what is causing the issue with a quick test. Please try running LJLogUD with all of the same configurations for the AIN channels you are reading in your program. If this seems to give you good readings, then we know something is going wrong specifically in your program. Otherwise, there is some configuration or hardware/connection issue.

If the issue is with your software, I would first suggest consolidating your two AIN calls into one eAddGoGet call. This should be slightly more efficient for the data transfer. Alternative to using eAddGoGet, you could wire one eAIN call after the other. Note that our devices do not take simultaneous samples (though the delay between sample acquisition is in the microsecond range and usually negligible) and your two eAIN requests are not being processed simultaneously.

The VI for doing eAddGoGet is called and is in the Utility VIs folder of our LabVIEW archive. We also have an example called U6 Multiple AIN under Examples/U6 that shows how to use

Please let us know if we can help further.