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USB splitter

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USB splitter

I can read the data from my LabJack U3 HV using either a PC running Radio Skypipe data logging software or a Raspberry Pi running a Python data logging program.  In each case the PC/Pi is cocnencted to the LabJack via a USB cable.

What I would like to do is to read the data from the LabJack simultaneously on the PC and Pi.

My first attenpt to do this using a USB splitter cable did not work as the splitter cable does not seem to provide enough power to run the labJack.  The green LED flick on and off a couple of times then stays off. 

Any ideas as to how I can get get this to work?


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You would not be able to talk

You would not be able to talk to the U3 in two programs at once, only one process can claim the U3 at once.

We have a device sharing page that is meant for our T-series devices, but the USB strategies could work for UD devices. Still, you would most likely be best off talking to the device from a single host in a single process:

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Thanks for the speedy

Thanks for the speedy response.  It's a pity that it is not possible, but I understand why not.