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U3-LV With LJTick-InAmp Python error

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U3-LV With LJTick-InAmp Python error

I modified the ktypeExample.py code to work with the U3 as the following: 

import u6




TCmVolts = d.getAIN(0, resolutionIndex = 8,gainIndex = 3) * 1000

and replaced that with: 

import u3


d = u3.U3()


        TCmVolts = ((d.getAIN(0) - 0.4) / 51) * 1000

When I run the code I get the following error as seen in the uploaded picture. I am just trying to get a temp reading from the ktype thermocouple I have. Any ideas for fixes?

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It looks like you are trying

It looks like you are trying to read FIO0 as an analog input, but it is configured for a digital line. I didn't account for this in my post of that code. Either use LJControlPanel panel and set the power up defaults for your FIO/EIO lines so they are configured by default to be the appropriate analog or digital line, or in your code after opening your U3 and before getAIN perform a call like:

d.configIO(FIOAnalog=1) # This sets FIO0 to an analog input and the rest to digital I/O (1 = b00000001)

Note that when setting FIOAnalog, each bit of the value represents a lines setting, where bit 0 - FIO0, bit 1 = FIO1, etc., and a setting of 1 = analog input and 0 = digital line. For example if you wanted only FIO0 and FIO2 to be analog inputs and the rest digital, set FIOAnalog to 5 (b00000101).