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U3 FreeBasic x64 Demo

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U3 FreeBasic x64 Demo

A few days ago I uploaded an demo plotting program for the LabJack U12 in FreeBasic. Here's its counterpart for the U3. It's a demo of some basic U3 function calls,  and it provides a quick-and-dirty scrolling plot program that uses the voltages from 4 of the U3's A/D channels.

I'm not a professional coder, and I had to hack this out from some U12 demo code kindly provided by Mr.Swiss on the FreeBasic.net forum, together with VB and PureBasic examples provided by LJ with the U3. I'm furnishing this code freely. Consider it "public domain." The only thing I ask is that you acknowledge me within any code you use, but even this would be a courtesy and not an obligation. 

There may very well be errors that I have missed, and although I haven't done anything strenous with the code, it does seems to work. Try it for yourself - if you find any glitches or traps, or ways to optimize, *please* let me know. If you are able to add functions in FB that I haven't needed to use and so haven't coded, then sharing these would be appreciated!

I'm hoping this work will give more of us who love both our LabJacks *and* Freebasic a chance for them to play together.


Alan F.


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Thanks again for posting your

Thanks again for posting your code.