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U3 and LJTick-DAC via Vb6

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U3 and LJTick-DAC via Vb6

Dear Labjack Support team

I am using U3 and  LJTick-DAC to command the Belimo actuator, which is connected with a standard modulating signal of 0...10 V and drives to the position defined by the positioning signal. The VB6 has been used for the coding procedure. Unfortunately, the given command, for example, pin 4 which the actuator is connected is not accepting the number.

lngError = AddRequest(lngHandle, LJ_ioPUT_DAC, 0, 2.5, 0, 0) 

Even I used this command as well:

lngError = ePut(lngHandle, LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG, LJ_chTDAC_SCL_PIN_NUM, 6, 0)
lngError = ePut(lngHandle, LJ_ioTDAC_COMMUNICATION, LJ_chTDAC_UPDATE_DACA, 0, 0)

But it gives us the errors of 16 and 5519 

I would appreciate it if you could help me.


LabJack Support
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We have a list of our U3 UD

We have a list of our U3 UD driver error codes:


Error 5519 is not on our error list, and I am not sure where that error was generated from. Error 16 from our driver might indicate one of your FIO lines (FIO6 or FIO7) are configured as analog when you want them configured as digital for the Tick-DAC. You could ensure your IO are digital with our pin configuration reset call, the following call would set all of your flexible IO to digital:

lngErrorcode = ePut(lngHandle, LJ_ioPIN_CONFIGURATION_RESET, 0, 0, 0)

Please also note that we have an example for the Tick-DAC in our VB examples package: