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migration U12 -> U3

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migration U12 -> U3


I need to migrate my U12 code to U3. I can't find in the documentation how to do the same thing.

On my U12 I have this wiring: x4 measure differential on AI0-AI1 --- AI6-AI7


with this code :

def mesure(self):
        return round(self.labjack.eAnalogIn(channel=8,gain=5)['voltage'],3)

How to wire the U3 to have the same thing ?

Thank you


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Unfortunately, the U3 does

Unfortunately, the U3 does not have any gain settings.


A similar analog input reading call with the U3 would be getAIN. You should call getCalibrationData before reading the AIN as well. Our Python source and examples are the best resources for the U3 Python interface: