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macOS Mojave (10.14) vs Parallels (Windows)

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macOS Mojave (10.14) vs Parallels (Windows)

I've ordered a U3 HV, and would like to use macOS natively.

I'm unsure as to what grapical layouts I can create using macOS, but have seen the Windows DAQ Factory stuff.

Does anyone have any atypical graphing screenshots using macOS? Is it better to use a Virtual Machine aka Parallels and DAQ Factory Express in Windows, then use some of the other libraries in macOS? Has anyone used a LabJack with DAQ Plot?

Sorry for the noob questions, just trying to get my head around this. :/

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We only provide programming

We only provide programming APIs on macOS for the LabJack U3-HV where users can write their own application. On Windows we provide programming APIs and a couple applications, such as a logger that graphs. For the applications we provide or DAQFactory, Parallels running Windows is needed, otherwise on native macOS you would need to write your own application or find a third-party application.

I haven't used DAQ Plot, but their software will need to have specific support for the U3. I don't see on their site that the U3 is supported, but you can contact them to check.

Our newer DAQs, the LabJack T7 and T4, have Modbus TCP support. There are various SCADA/Modbus applications that support Modbus TCP and graphing, and can use those LabJacks over TCP/Ethernet. The LabJack U3 does not support Modbus TCP.


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Thanks for that Support, and

Thanks for that Support, and with hindsight I should have bought a T4, so I'll see what happens when I get the unit, as it's only for a hobby mode project, so there's no urgency. 

I did look at DAQ Plot some more and does seems to be tied to their hardware, so I'm not too hopeful, they'll want to help :)