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lower intensity shock

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lower intensity shock


I am using U3 with biopac MP150 and psychopy to send shocks.

The problem is that the shock intensity is very low.

In contrast using E-Prime or the BIOPAC directly send a very intense shock.

Any ideas?



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I'm afraid we know little

I'm afraid we know little about biopack M150 and psychopy, but we are experts with the U3, so we can help in terms of the U3 for sure.

I suspect you are using a digital I/O line to send some sort of signal to your device?  Perhaps you are setting a DIO to output-high and then later setting it to output-low?

The other thing to figure out, is what would make your device have a different intensity of shock.  Ask the manufacturer what about the control signal affects the shock intensity.

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Thanks, I'll try to reach out

Thanks, I'll try to reach out to BIOPAC.