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Logging Sine wave with U3-HV

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Logging Sine wave with U3-HV

I using the DAQ Factory lite software for data logging using my U3-HV. All OK for unipolar signals but recently there was a need to log bi-polar signals that are in teh range of +/- 5V .

Can anyone suggest how to create a conversion formula for this to use in DAQFactory ?  Or it will be good if I can get a link to a document that outlines how to measure bi-polar signals with U3-HV.



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To measure +-5V you will need

To measure +-5V you will need to use the HV AIN on the U3-HV as the low voltage AIN (flexible IO) are not capable of measuring that range. See our AIN specs here:


The range on the HV AIN are -10V to 10V, so you can do a normal single ended measurement on those channels to measure +-5V.