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Does the LJTDAC add considerable noise to a U3? I’m getting a lot of noise on my velocity sensor now that I installed the DAC. I didn’t have very much before and the only thing different is that. 

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I ran the following test:

I ran the following test:

  1. Remove all connection from the U3, except for USB.
  2. Connect FIO4 and FIO5 to GND.
  3. use LJStreamUD to stream 4 and 5 at 1 kHz.
  4. Compare data with and without a TDAC connected to FIO 6 and 7.

I did see an difference in the data when the TDAC connected or removed.

I also repeated the above test using AIN 0 and 1 instead of 4 and 5. Results were the same.

Please try the GND test outlined above. Do you get the same results that I do?