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LJ Tick Debug

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Swati Poduval
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LJ Tick Debug


I am using LJ Tick current amp connected to a U3 to read voltage values using the example VI's in LabVIEW. But this is not working. The input current is from a pressure sensor that converts pressure to current, which is connected to the LJTick.

So to debug I connected a multimeter in series at the input end of the LJtick , and I am able to read different currents for different pressures. However when I try to read the voltage values using a multimeter on the output pins of the LJTick. it doesn't seem to vary the voltage for different currents/pressure. It is always showing a constant voltage.

The LJTick shunt resisitor is not damaged as I tried using a different LJTickt shunt resistor , but faced the same issue.

What am I missing here?

How can I read different voltages for different pressures, such that when I connect it to U3 I can directly read this using LabVIEW.


LabJack Support
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Which Figure are you using

Which Figure are you using from the LJTCS datasheet?

See the troubleshooting bullets on that datasheet to get started with finding your problem: