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ImportError: cannot find name device

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ImportError: cannot find name device

Dear labjack community, 

as visible in the screenshot I attached, I get the described error when I try to run my code. It works on another computer, but not on mine, and I do not know what could be the problem here. (The device is connected to my computer and works.)

Thank you for your help!


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Judging from the error,

Judging from the error, LabJackPython doesn't look to be installed or has issues being found. You will want to double check that you have installed LabJackPython for your Spyder Python 3.6 environment. Make sure to install the version from GitHub which has Python 3.x beta compatibility:

If you have multiple Python versions installed, note that one LabJackPython installation will not apply for all Python versions, and that installation is required for the versions you are going to use.