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How to set voltages on U3 + CB15 ?

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How to set voltages on U3 + CB15 ?

I am using a LabJack U3 with a CB15 and I cant seem to figure out how to set/read voltages on the CB15 in C#. For example, to set the voltage on the DAC0 pin on the U3 I can do something like "LJUD.AddRequest(u3.ljhandle, LJUD.IO.PUT_DAC, 0, 4.8, 0, 0);" and I can also read voltages from specific channels but I cant figure out how to reference the CB15. Any tips?

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The CB15 only provides access

The CB15 only provides access to additional digital IO. They are accessed with the same commands as the FIO. The channel numbers passed to the AddRequest or eGet/ePut calls should be the DIO# as described in the U3 datasheet:

There is further information about the digital IO control in the device psuedocode sections:

There are also a few brief demonstrations in the U3_Simple C# example included in our C# example package on the following page: