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Honeywell SIP sensor issue

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Honeywell SIP sensor issue


I am trying to connect a Honeywell SIP pressure differential sensor to the LabJack. I have supplied it with 5V from a U3-LV however I am getting a constant 2.46V return on my AIN - this voltage doesnt change even when I create a pressure differential. Anybody have experience with these sensors?


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What voltage do you expect

What voltage do you expect from the sensor?  Post a link to specs if you want us to take a look.

If you use a DMM to measure the voltage from FIOx to GND, what do you see?

If you expect 2.5 volts from the sensor, note that the normal max of a low-voltage analog input on the U3-LV is about 2.4 volts.  In LJControlPanel you can quickly switch to the special 0-3.6 range and try that.