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Crash in OpenLabJack call

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Crash in OpenLabJack call

I built a 64-bit application in VisualStudio 2010 Pro using C++ and am using the LabJackUD library, version 3.50.  When the OpenLabJack method is called the application is crashing.  Any thoughts?

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We haven't encountered

We haven't encountered OpenLabJack crashing applications in UD v3.50. Maybe an issue with the handle you pass? What data type are you using for the handle? It needs to be a long (LJ_HANDLE) data type, and you pass the variable by reference.

If the above information doesn't help with figuring out the issue, please provide the chunk of code performing the OpenLabJack call causing the crash, including the data types of the used variables and how they are initialized/changed before the call. Also, what version of Windows are you running? For further testing on your computer, you can try one of our C/C++ examples and see if it has issues with OpenLabJack. This is to confirm a general issue on your system, or an issue in your code only.

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