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U12 FreeBasic Demo

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U12 FreeBasic Demo

On the Freebasic.net forum I asked whether anyone had done anything with the U12, and received a reply from "Mr.Swiss," posted to the public Freebasic forum, showing some sample code. Using that, I was able to get more functions working and thought I'd pass them along. I'm attaching a file that does A/D, and Dig I/O in a very simple plot routine. I've made clear what was Mr.Swiss's code (the DLL loading and AISample code) and retained his (c) copyright notice at the top. I make no claims on the code I extrapolated from his example and hope that anyone wanting to program in FB will find this handy. The code is inelegant and I apologize in advance!

I subsequently found the U12 a bit too slow for my application, and obtained a U3-HV.  Using what I'd learned getting the U12  functions working, I've been able to get a number of U3 functions working in FB. I'll upload them to the U3 section in a few days after I buff the code.


Alan F.

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Thank you for posting your

Thank you for posting your code for others.