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Connect the U12 to CODESYS

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Connect the U12 to CODESYS


Somebody knows how you can connect the LabJack to Codesys?

As far as i know i need to have a .xml or .eds .dcf file to install it as a device in Codesys

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We haven't used Codesys, but

We haven't used Codesys, but you will need to use our U12 driver, which is considered an external library. You may need a toolkit for that functionality, and I am unsure about additional .xml, .eds, etc. files. There's a Codesys forum topic on using an external C library, and you will want to look at the Codesys manual about external libraries.

Alternatively, look into using the built-in Python language in Codesys, and use that with our Python interface which uses our U12 drivers.

Also, consider posting questions on the Codesys forum.